Coming Soon to Kristi's...

Exciting things are in the works! The blog and card design will continue, of course...
but we will also be adding some fun new items in the next few months.

Here's what you can look forward to come summertime:

- BIG Give-a-ways featuring some of our new goodies

- A product line for your favorite kiddos: chore charts, visual schedules and behavior/incentive charts

- Bag Tags

- Mom/Tot Calling Cards & Gift Enclosures

- Thank You Notes (to coordinate with your invitations or announcements)

- An Etsy Storefront (September)

Summertime at Kristi's will be unbelievable!

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Anonymous said...

I need to know more about your thank you notes. I want you to do my birth announcment, but he's not due until Oct., so I wanted to do a birth/Christmas card. However, my first shower is in 2 weeks and I need some thank yous! His colors are like dark brown, dark red, tan, and a harbor blue. I'm using the aiden bedding from penney's, to give you an idea. Oh, and I need pricing if you know. I hope you are doing this!