More Baggie Taggie Fun!

WOW! Thanks for all of the baggie taggie orders rolling in! I am so happy you like them as much as I do! 

A few questions answered:

Q: Will you make a custom Baggie Taggie Design for our group (cheerleaders, scouts, preschool)? And sell for a discount?

A: Of course, I will! And several of you mentioned that your place of business already owns the luggage tag laminating machines. I am happy to create a CUSTOM digital file for you for $10.

If you are interested in ordering taggies for your group, there is the $10 design fee and the cost will be a group rate of $3 per taggie. This will not include ribbons. I will be happy to embellish with ribbon for an extra $1 per tag.

If you are needing to add your school logo to your taggie, make sure you have copyright permission.

Q: I'd like taggies for each season for my child's bag. Can you make holiday designs, too?

A: What a great idea! I will be happy to create those. Let me catch up on orders in the next week and I will roll out some holiday designs to choose from!

Q: I love these for my kids and am jealous! Are there more grown-up designs coming soon? I would love one for my laptop bag!

A: Here's a couple more! And, when I am caught up again, I will roll out a few others with new fall design packs.

Sophisticated Momma Taggie

Organic Taggie

Email me today with your taggie order!

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