Thanksgiving Printables

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Our new Gather Together Banner is the perfect compliment for the Thanksgiving Season.
The banner is $5 for the file and you can print as many banners as you like (gifts)!
Email us today at to request yours.

A close-up of the Gather Together banner

The Give Thanks letters can be displayed in two different ways...either hung as a one-line banner or the below photo (taken from shows a fun way to use the letters for a centerpiece. You'll own the file and can print as many as you want. Print two copies to use this as a centerpiece. The Give Thanks Banner is $3 for the printable file.
Email us today at to request yours.

Example of using the Give Thanks banner as a centerpiece (obviously these are different letter styles pictured above.)


lewalk said...

Ooh. I was working hard here to get my creative juices flowing. My brain is tired as I have a sick dog and a sick child, on top of my daughter's birthday having been yesterday. I think those round letters on the table would be cute with slits cut in them top but them around the bottom of glasses with stems for decorations on the table, and also a great way to keep up with whose glasses are whose. Thanks.

Jami said...

So, things have been so crazy around here lately that I completely forgot to come check these out. Can I just say I love them -- but who wouldn't with you doing them? Love the "printables" idea and can't wait to use them this holiday season!

michelle said...

Oh i would love to win these! I would use them for my Girl Scout Troop meeting! They will be learning about giving thanks and the meaning behind it.

Anonymous said...

I would love to use them at school!