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The winds of change are a-blowing.

After a month of prayer and thinking hard about this little business of ours, we are making some changes. 

One of the biggest changes is our prices. We've always strived to keep our prices the most affordable in our industry. Because of our low costs and high quality of work, our wait lists have gotten quite unmanageable. We have currently raised prices across the board in order to manage our waiting period a little easier as well as keep up with the costs of the art and supplies we purchase to make our products with. 

Although we didn't publicize it, back in October of 2010, we decided to opt out of the blog design end of our business. We have two favorite designers that we are happy to refer you to for all of your blog and web design needs. 

We also have begun shifting our time management to accommodate our corporate customers and their needs as well. In the last six months, our corporate customer market has grown so large that we are, in some cases, hiring out some of the work load. We're hoping to manage that to where most corporate orders can be filled, in-house, in a very timely fashion.

We will be delighted to start introducing you to some new designers that will be joining our team over the next few months. 

We look forward to serving you for all of your design needs! 
Thank you for your understanding of our changes.

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