The kids in our LIFE Group from church have a saying that they use when things are great....L.I.G. means "Life Is Good". And in my little business here, LIG. Definitely a big ol' LIG. Thank you all for making this business so wonderful. I have the best customers and am blessed to work with you all.

A few of you have asked your position on the waiting list. I know a lot of other blog designers post their lists so clients know when their proof is about to be ready. I thought I would do the same. Eventually, I will move this onto the sidebar.

The Current Waiting List
(#1 being the client I am currently working on):
1. Shannon
2. Shaka
3. Lauren
4. Theresa
5. Koti
6. Kari
7. Jenise
8. Sara
9. Jenn
11. Kelly
12. Becky
13. Cameron (need more info)

I am currently running about three weeks out. Email me today to get your name on the list: mrsdaviddominguez@gmail.com

I try to follow all of the current blog trends. In the next couple of weeks I will be revising the blog pricing into packages to better suit your needs. Some of the packages will include cool new bloggie items such as:
-Rotating Headers
-Coordinating Footer Designs
-Post Dividers
-New Horizontal Label Formatting

Here are the current designs I am working on or have just finished...again LIG!

Stephanie had a FUN blog to work with! Not only did we create a blog design for her, we also came up with a coordinating Etsy banner and avatars for her handmade baby boutique. Her Etsy shop (Zen Bebe) has some C-U-T-E stuff! Stephanie used the Whimsy package.

Shaka was one of the big winners of the free blog make-overs. This is just her proof, I have a couple of revisions to make before we roll out the final result. Shaka has very cool taste and I loved playing around with her photos making them look "photo-booth-esque". Shaka used the Fabulous design pack.

I always LOVE working on a Lauren blog! Lauren is a very close friend and was my little sis in club at ACU. She has an adorable little girl who is a great focus for her family's blog. Heart-shaped sunglasses...can you get any more adorable? Lauren used the Bloomin' pack (in my head, when I say "Bloomin'", it comes out very Ross Gellar from the episode where he is trying to get Rachel the old lady's apartment). 

More to come...

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