Somebody Stop Me!

For some reason, purchasing new design packs is highly addictive for me. And I. Can't. Stop.'s getting out of hand. I was looking at designer Dani Mogstad's packs and fell in love with this one for summertime! It will be perfect for the children's line of baggie taggies I plan to debut this summer. I also would love to put together blog designs with it, too! 15% off if you order a blog design with Pop Goes the World through the end of the month.

I have also been meaning to post two recent invitation designs I completed for some wonderful friends! I love putting together invites for special events. In the next month, I am excited to create several announcements for some special graduates, as well.

These invitations were to an open house and a first birthday party.
(Names have been changed.)

This one was designed to somewhat mimic the decor of the home this family recently moved into. And I so wish I could be there. Sadly, Paris is a little far this weekend ; ).

The following was an invite for a sweet baby girl celebrating that first ONE-derful year! Mom sent the below plate to coordinate a design with.

If you are in need of invitations or announcements for upcoming events, email me today:

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Shaka said...

love the new design pack!